Moving to eCore

With extensive support and training resources, we are committed to facilitating a smooth transition to eCore for you and your firm. 

When will your office move to eCore?

Your office will be notified of your eCore transition date a minimum of four weeks before your move. During the transition period, we will work with you to ensure your office is prepared to move to eCore.

How does the transition work?

Prior to your office transitioning to eCore, you will start receiving communications from Dye & Durham to prepare for the transition. Dye & Durham will assist you to create an eCore account for your firm. The day your office transitions to ecore will be the day that any new transactions take place in eCore. To prevent work disruptions, we strongly recommend that you attend our training sessions and read our FAQs for more information.

The eCore Difference

eCore allows you to run searches and complete registrations for your practice or business in real-time. With more automation features for faster completion of transactions, eCore streamlines your workflow so you can work faster.

eCore has many new features you will enjoy using, such as:

Automated, instant access to PPSA and due diligence eSummary reports
Additional filing options (i.e., Alberta Filing, Extra Provincial Form 2 Federal Corporation)
Fully automated PPSA searches and registrations with no manual intervention
Corporate filing templates to complete filings consistently and in minutes 

Identify your eCore Administrator

Please identify the person at your office who will be responsible for setting up user profiles and configuring settings in eCore. Ideally, this person should be an office manager, senior clerk, or someone who uses the software regularly. This person should also lead the transition for your office, to ensure all staff are adequately aware of the transition date and the dates of live training sessions available prior to moving to eCore. 

Get Started

Attend our live training sessions for a smooth transition to eCore. Click below to view the training schedule and to reserve your spot.